Manell is a clothing label majorly inspired by classical fashion, art, colors and the environment. It reflects and resonates around the story of “rising above all odds”.
The collection is centred on black inclusivity and normalizing black representation in the fashion industry and most importantly, to facilitate difficult but necessary discussions our community have always avoided. This collection features a wide range of preferences and inspiration from modern African pop culture.

This collection, inspired by the opportunity to re-evaluate pre-pandemic fashion. A compounded mind-set and feeling of freedom, ease, strength and resilience dominate the ideas for this collection, which is about the dynamism of life, African challenges and the ability of Africans to take charge. This and vastness. Africa as always ensued a great example of REPRESENTATION, UNITY AND INCLUSIVITY and may be better positioned than many think to weather the combined shock of the covid19 pandemic.
This collection has a profound depth of knowledge from which to draw inspiration; color-embellished and fashion-fix clothes, that alludes to the fact that togetherness and inclusivity is a strong basis for change.